Pet Sitting

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Pet Sitting

Let Us Watch Your Beloved Pet(s)

The next time you are planning a holiday or have a business trip, enlist the pet sitting services of Holiday Help Mandurah. We’ll take care of your dog, cat, fish, reptile or other pet in the comfort of your own home or flat. This way, your pet will be familiar with his/her surroundings without having to adapt to a whirlwind of change.

Our pet sitters will make sure your pets remain safe and comfortable whilst you’re gone, with one or two daily visits. We provide the following services to dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and more:

• Visit your residence 1 or 2 times a day (depending on the package you purchase) •
• Provide fresh food and water •
• If needed, take your pet outside to go to the bathroom •
• Clean up your pet’s waste from the home or yard •
• Transport your pet to grooming/vet appointments •
• Shop for supplies if needed (reimbursement for supplies and travel time to Holiday Help Mandurah will be included on your final payment statement) •
• Walk, exercise or play with your pet (add-ons) •

We even have experience feeding hobby farm animals like sheep, goats and others. To ensure the utmost safety for your pets, we can be your first point of contact to check on your property with your security monitoring company. Don’t leave your pets in the hands of just anyone; leave them in our capable hands.

Important Things to Remember

-All cats must live inside whilst you’re away, as they are known to wander.-
-Please provide enough food and toilet supplies needed for the duration of your trip. -
-Proof of purchase receipts will be left with an itemised list.-

Call us today to set up your first meet and greet! We look forward to meeting you and your beloved pet(s).
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